This free Forex training for beginners and intermediates will have you on your way to becoming a day trader. You’ll learn trend trading, the best day trading indicators, how to day trade forex properly, and everything in between!

Free Forex Training for beginners and intermediates.

Forex Course

If you’ve been searching for free day trading courses for beginners or intermediate then you’ve come to the right place. In our PDF course, you’re going to learn how to day trade stocks, forex or cryto, how to trade the trend, support and resistance, how to use indicators and so much more.

We recommend taking this course. We teach the important nuts and bolts that you’ll need to become a successful day trader and make the process as simple as possible. Make sure to take what you learn in our course and practice it. Register for your free membership below to gain access to our free day trading course.

Forex Master Trading Strategies: What You'll Learn in Our Trading Course

Trend Trading

Support & Resistance

Candlestick Patterns


Using Multiple Verifications before Entry

Timeframes And Currency Pairs

Risk And Reward

Mindset / Stick to your Strategy

My Favourite Setup

Create Your Trading Plan

Accurate Forex Signals direct to your phone

How to Day Trade Live: After Our Day Trading Course

Forex Signals

Here at the Forexify, we post day trade signals in our Telegram group. We include the entry price, take profit and stop loss, everything you need to take the trades.

Therefore, you can make an informed decision on whether or not it’s a trade you’d like to make. It’s important to remember that you’re in control and that’s the best place to be as a trader. 

We recommend using your paper trading account to practice trading our daily signals.

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