Follow the steps below to get our high accurate forex signals.

Step 1: Select Plan

Select Signals Plan of your choice

Step 2: Make a Payment

Send payment by Paypal or Bitcoins

Step 3: Send us a Message

If you paid by Bitcoin please send us a message at If you paid by Paypal sit back and relax.

Step 4: VIP Telegram Access

Once confirmed. We will send you an email with the private VIP Telegram Channel link.

You are Done!

All done, Sit back and relax and start to enjoy our signals.


You will get exclusive access to our trades as soon as we take them. Including the key levels to place both take profit and stop loss.

If there are any updates or trades that need to be modified, you will get a notification from our team.

You will be learning new trading skills and techniques, so you won’t be just following what we do.

Although we can’t guarantee a fixed return or results every month. We will aim to share between 5 to 6 signals per week with a high probability of success.

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